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In which Gabriel tries to explain using movie references.
Not quite poem-fic, more like Sabriel feels put into 219 words of verse. Inspired by this conversation.

Here goes:

Me and you Sammy we aren’t a good fit
How can I explain this in terms that you’ll get?
Well you see, it’s like – no wait – hold on a sec…

I think Dean would hit me for being too chick-flick
But humour me please and think of the Titanic
I’m not talking ‘bout all that Rose-and-Jack shit:
I mean I’m the iceberg and you are the ship.

You’re more big and strong, on the surface at least
You’re inches past half a foot taller than me
And muscled to boot, while I only eat sweets -
But that’s just the looks and not what’s underneath.

For under this surface of skin I’m far stronger
I’m nine or ninety or nine hundred times longer
And that’s just my dick – no I’m doing this wrong, uh…

Archangels were built as the ultimate weapon
We’re bright and burn cold and could sink a whole ship and –
Yes, I skipped out, but that all still rings true
One slip, and
                                             There’s no more of you.

So I want to be with you, believe me, I do
And listen since times I’ll admit that are few
But there’s too much danger in such a decision
Since if I allow there to be a collision –


You saw how it ended on the television.