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The apocalypse
Years ago now I learnt to play Cruella De Vil on the piano, so writing a parody to it was inevitable really. Turns out 'the apocalypse' is the only thing that fits the same pattern as 'Cruella De Vil' so, voila. 

The original song is here, but I should note that the version I parodied from my piano music has 2 full verses before the bridge instead of the 1 1/2 in the track.

The apocalypse, the apocalypse
A tale of two brothers, the ending is fixed
The seals are broken and the vessels picked, oh
It's time for the apocalypse

It's happened before, it's down in the lore
An archangel showdown is what is in store
The human race's fate is kinda shit
They'll be killed by the apocalypse

At first they thought that they could kill the devil
And then they soon found out that they could not
But then they realised
They could put him inside
Back in the cage and secure the lock

And so team free will refused to be killed
The archangel vessels refused to be filled
They tore the foretold story into bits
And halted the apocalypse

I will also at some point do a recording of this :3