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I was going to call it Gabriella // yeah and I wouldn't let you butcher my name like that, Samantha
The original song is Mariella by Kate Nash, and I turned it into a little song about Gabriel running away to join the pagans. Sung by Sam, though.

I'm academic to say the least
My father thinks I'll be an awful hunter
'Cause I do things like running off to college

My brother's LOUD
It's like as soon as he has an opinion it just has to come out
He laughs at stupid things, he's infuriating

Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish I was like Gabriel-ah
He got some magic and he glued his wings together
'Cause he couldn’t stand the fights, couldn't stand the fights, couldn't stand the fights
His brothers used to say it was only the one time but it happened every night

He dropped down to earth and into witness protection
He thought 'this Norse lore is hilarious - I'll add it to my collection'
In Heaven the Host relies on archangel advisors
So Michael well he hid the loss; the Host was none the wiser

Gabriel-ah, Gabriel-ah, my wayward Archangel
You glued your wings and hid your feathers and you're in the human world
You can join the pagans and they'll call you Loki
And even though you fit in don't you miss your family?

But Gabriel was having fun wearing this brand new bod
So he stuck to playing pranks and being a demi-god
And when he starts to miss heaven then he reminds himself
"If they're gonna fight, then they don't need me
And if Dad can leave I can leave aswell"

In heaven, Gabriel hadn't had many friends
Yeah the archangels looked at him and they thought he was quite strange
And the Host, they're not really into pranks or games
And if Dad was there well he'd say you're just going through a phase

So Gabriel just smiles, and he snaps up a girl
Because he's carved out his niche in the human world
Yeah he always finds a new douche to kill off every day
He orchestrates poetic justice without making any mistakes

Gabriel-ah Gabriel-ah my trickster archangel
Gabriel-ah Gabriel-ah hidden down in the human world
Happy down in the human world

And he said:
Yeah I'm never ever [xlots]
Yeah I'm never ever [xlots]
Yeah I'm never ever [xlots]
Gonna unstick my wings and go back to heaven

He said I'm never ever [xlots]
Yeah I'm never ever [xlots]
ever, ever, ever, ever [xlots]
Gonna unstick my wings and go back to heaven

ha ha ha haaa