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A Sonnet About Butts
This is flo's fault.

But soft, what smell from yonder wind doth break?
'Tis from a butt that such raw perfumes come.
But focus not on what a butt doth make
For, in God's image made, there rivals none.
To see the butt, with beauty so divine
Is likened to a glimpse of Eden seen
And also to temptation found in time
When apples were once offered unto eve.
For these two hemispheres, I have no doubt,
Inspire such lust that tempts a saint to sin
And do not think on that which may come out
But ponder rather on what could go in
For many claim the butt was made for dick
A statement oft confirmed by film and fic.

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Yow thats funny!
Hi there, I'm your artist for the Sabriel minibang! I tried to send you a message via LJ but it looks like you have your privacy settings set so that it wont let me D: Which hey no worries, I get that. I was just wondering what would be a good way to communicate with you? We can do LJ, email, tumblr, I'm down with whatever :] Looking forwards to working with you!

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