nommunication (nommunication) wrote,

Destiel Rap

A friend requested that in my follower video I do a Destiel rap. I set it to the first chorus and verse of Flo Rida's 'Low'.

Chorus (Cas):
Dean had them blue bowlegged jeans
Boots caked with mud
His shirt stained with burgers and blood
And then one night
He lost the fight
'til I gripped him tight tight tight tight tight tight tight

The rounds filled with salt
Ruby's knife and now the colt
We're Team Free Will and all the demons gonna bolt
And then at night
After the fight
Well I grip him tight tight tight tight tight tight tight

Verse (Dean):
I ain't never seen nuthin that'll make me go,
this crazy without spending my dough
Had a demon hunting vibe and a hottie to go
But Castiel he stole the show
So sexual, he was flexible,
Confessional, like a prayer but oh
Hold up wait a minute does he mean what I think I
Didn't think I'd see an angel get low
Feel his Grace when it's up that close
Fight the pain, try taking it slow
Lose control, I'm trapped in his hold
Imma say that I prefer him no clothes
I'm into that I love angels exposed
And yeah he's a virgin while I am a whore
But Cas ain't a problem, he knows how it goes
With buttsex

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