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Farewell My Brother
This whole parody basically stems from the look on Lucifer's face after he kills Gabriel in Hammer of the Gods. Though it's set in the moments before that. Set to Farewell My Love by Seth Lakeman.

Farewell my brother, I think not you less
Your heartbeat stilled by me
Those clenching hands still on my arms rest
Through eyes your grace bleeds free

Don't pity me for father's ways
He scorned my love and turned away
Farewell my brother for all I've done
By the setting of the sun

Farewell my brother of yesteryears
Remember the old times
And although we've changed some things stay same
Your tricks were all once mine

Don't pity me for I'm not done
This world will burn by the setting sun
Farewell my brother for all I've lost
It hurts to see you still...

A recording of this can be heard here