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Lullaby for Castiel
A parody based on the "Hush little baby don't say a word / Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird" tune. Sung to Cas by the fandom. Dealing with 7 x 17 feels here.

Hush little angel don't you stir
Dean is gonna buy you a hamburger

And if that burger's bun is stale
Dean is gonna buy you some curly kale

And if that curly kale does wilt
Dean is gonna give you a fuckton of guilt

And if through that guilt you make a series of decisions that ultimately lead to you being drowned by leviathans
We'll find Sera gamble and we'll burn her on a pyre...man

But if that plan is against the law
We'll wait 6 months to see your face once more

And if you return completely changed
We'll try our best to survive the pain

If you can't remember what you've done
That's forget so maybe you'll be forgiven

So just, hush little angel don't say a word
I hear it's a sin to kill a mockingbird

Also I recorded myself singing it & posted it here