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Supernatural Parody of Hellfire from  the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Samifer - Sam is Minister Frollo, singing about Lucifer in place of Esmerelda.

Exorcizamus te; vade satana (We drive you from us; be gone satan)
Inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ (inventor and master of all deceit)
Beato Lucifer archangelo (To the blessed archangel Lucifer)
I non volo vos as cochleari me (I do not want you to spoon me)

Angeli Castiel 
I am not the most righteous man
Of my virtue not much can be found

Et tibit Pater (And to you, Father)

Angeli Castiel 
What makes him say I'm better than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd

Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned)

Then tell me, Castiel
Why I see him standing there
Why his smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul

Cogitatione (In thought)

I feel him, I see him
My soul caught in the Devil's hands
It's blazing in me out of all control

Verbo et opere (In word and deed)

Like fire
This fire in my skin
This burning
Is turning me to sin
It's not my fault

Mea culpa (Through my fault)

I'm not to blame

Mea culpa (Through my fault)

It is the archangel
The bitch who sent this flame

Mea maxima culpa (Through my most griveous fault)

It's not my fault

Mea culpa (Through my fault)

If in God's plan

Mea culpa (Through my fault)

He made the devil's vessel
This corrupted man

Mea maxima culpa (Through my most griveous fault)

Protect me, Castiel
Don't let this Satan cast his spell
Don't let his fire sear my flesh and bone
Stop my hallucinations
I can still taste the fires of hell
Or else let him be mine and mine alone

[dialogue - something like:]
Lucifer: hey they, sam. Long time no spooning.
Sam: What?
Lucifer: You're still my little bitch, I'm not going
Sam: But how? I - never mind, just leave me alone! (presses scarhand) I'll stop this, If I don't stop this it will burn my soul to ashes!

Dark fire
Now devil, it's your turn
Insist to
Be mine or you will burn

Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

God have mercy on him

Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

God have mercy on me

Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

But he will be mine
And I will burn! 

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