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Thus Saith the Lord

For Martha. She asked me to parody The Plagues from the Prince of Egypt with regards to Lucifer & Michael. Then changed her mind to Castiel & Lucifer. I wrote both. This is the Castiel & Lucifer Version.

Chorus part is sung from Lucifer's pov and is the same in both versions.

Thus saith the Lord:
Since you refuse me back in heaven
All through this land of father's...

I'm sending pestilence and plague
To march across our father's land
And when disease has paved the way
Famine and Death are close at hand
On top of that, my horseman war
Will make a few strategic trips
Even the false words of the whore
Foretell of the apocalypse
I send the swarm, I send the horde
Thus saith the Lord

Once I called you brother
Once I thought the plans
Laid down by God
Were all I ever wanted...

I send the thunder from the sky
I send the fire raining down

However now I see that God 
Has left the others
This fight that will destroy his humans
Is the last thing he'd have wanted...

I send a hail of burning ice
On ev'ry field, on ev'ry town

This is all wrong
All this pain and devastation
I cannot believe it's right
All the innocent who suffer
From your stubbornness and pride...

I set my demons on a wind
Such as the world has never seen
In ev'ry town, the eyes turn black 
With souls of creatures from beneath
I send my scourge, I need my sword
Thus saith the Lord!

Can you not see, brother?
They won't let you back up from below

I send my scourge, I need my sword

Let the humans go

[Lucifer and Chorus]
Thus saith the Lord

You wh o I called brother
How can you prefer the humans so?
Your actions leave you hunted

The brothers fight, it is foretold...

I've let my heart be hardened 
And never mind how high the cost may grow
This fight will be so:
I will never love these humans, no...

Thus saith the Lord:

Thus saith the Lord:

I will not...

[Lucifer, Michael, and Chorus]
Let the (my) humans go!

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