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Sherlockian Rhapsody

If you hadn't guessed by the title, it's a Sherlock parody of Bohemian Rhapsody. I tried to cover all 6 episodes within the lyrics.

Is this the dull life?
Off of the battlefield
Stuck with a lame leg
Need a flatmate to pay the bills
Hear Stamford laugh
Then go to St. Bart's and see
I'm just a war vet, I need no sympathy
Sherlock is on the run, got to go
Riding crop, left below
Anywhere your dick goes doesn't really matter to me,
To me

I just killed a man
He was gonna take that pill, didn't hesitate to kill
I was…a civilian
But I have gladly thrown that all away
Bloggers oooh
I'm back on a battlefield
Serial killers are great entertainment
For Sherlock, for Sherlock, the case is all that matters

Too late, the Game's begun
And there's one more round to go, body wired up set to blow
Sherlock, Moriarty, you meet at last
The consulting detective and criminal
Bloggers ooohhh
I don't want to die
So Sherlock save me get me out of this pool

(staying alive/guitar solo)

I see a little silhouetto of a Hound
Baskerville! Baskerville! Something's haunting the hollow

Creepy mist and lighting, very, very frightening me!
It’s the sugar! Not the sugar
It's the sugar! Not the sugar
Not the sugar - aerosol - magnifico!

Women do not do well in this show, see
Sue ended up killed by her own family
And Sarah's date was a monstrosity!
Evidence, on this phone, Irene what's the code?
Have dinner! No, you cannot have the code
(Sherlock Holmes!) Have dinner! You cannot have the code
(Sherlock Holmes!) Have dinner! You cannot have the code
(Sherlock Holmes!) cannot have the code
(Sherlock Holmes!) (Never)Never have the code
(Sherlock Holmes!)Cannot have the code (Sherlock Holmes!) Ah
Sherlocked Sherlocked Sherlocked Sher -
Oh Irene Adler Irene Adler Irene Adler let her go
Moriarty has been cooking up a treat for me, for me,
For me!

So you think you can convince them it was all lies?
So you meet me on the roof and tell me to die?
Oh, maybe, you might have won this, maybe
Just gotta get out, Just gotta stop them shooting John!

(guitar solo)

Nothing really matters, soon I will be gone
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters but John…

Science of deduction...

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