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Michael Jackson's Thriller, parodied with the theme of 'Creeper Love is Deeper Love' 
No specific fandom but instead about fancreeping in general.

It's close to midnight but fangirls are still lurking on the web
Lit by the backlight, you see a sight that near implodes your head
You try to type, but feels will turn the words into keysmashes
Don't try to fight, resistance will result in epic fail
Instead you flail

'Cause this is creeper, creeper love
You want to remain calm but your feelings are too much
Yeah this is creeper, creeper love
And everybody know that it is deeper, the deepest of loves

You hear the door slam, you're caught up late and there's nowhere to run
Avoid the outside, a laptop light is kinder than the sun
You close your eyes, and fanfic pours through your imagination, girl!
But all the while, you feel the creeper waking up inside
to corrupt your mind

'Cause this is creeper, creeper love
Be careful what you post in case your parents see your blog
Creeper, creeper love
And everybody knows that it is deeper, the deepest of loves

Tumblr is calling, with photos fics and films to fill your day
There's no escaping the lure of the gifset this time
(look at those eyes)
Who says you don't have a life?

Hot pics surround you, your ovaries attacked on every side
And they arouse you, why do they cast so many sexy guys?
Most of the time, the characters they play are really badass
So every night, you're glued infatuated to your screen
Want all you see

'Cause this is creeper, creeper love
You'll find you want to stalk them just so you can get a hug
Creeper, Creeper love
You want to hold them tight and share your
Creeper, deeper, creeper, deeper - your love

'Cause this is creeper, creeper love
Be careful what you breathe 'cause chloroform's a potent drug
Creeper, Creeper love
You want to hold them tight and share your deeper, creeper, love!

(We're going creeping tonight)
As you stalk people online
You will find those with likewise minds
As these fans crawl in search of ships
They forge their own relationships

And whosoever shall be found
With a passion for creeping 'round
Must stand and join us hand in hand
And creep with us across the land

creeping on ya tonight, ooh baby
creeping on ya tonight, oh darlin'
Creeper love, baby, ooh!

With the other fans you're free
To be as creepy as can be
For here a creeper's love holds weight
Outsiders can't appreciate

And as you pledge a mutual stalk
You feel the love run deeper
For no fan out there can resist
The loving of a creeper

Tags: misc. parodies, parody lyrics
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