In which Gabriel tries to explain using movie references.
Not quite poem-fic, more like Sabriel feels put into 219 words of verse. Inspired by this conversation.

Here goes:

Me and you Sammy we aren’t a good fit
How can I explain this in terms that you’ll get?
Well you see, it’s like – no wait – hold on a sec…

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The apocalypse

Years ago now I learnt to play Cruella De Vil on the piano, so writing a parody to it was inevitable really. Turns out 'the apocalypse' is the only thing that fits the same pattern as 'Cruella De Vil' so, voila. 

The original song is here, but I should note that the version I parodied from my piano music has 2 full verses before the bridge instead of the 1 1/2 in the track.

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I will also at some point do a recording of this :3